Nulia hosts fourth annual Hack for a Cause

The three-day overnight hackathon brings together web programmers, graphic designers, and other creative minds to create high tech solutions for local issues.  

“It nurtures a culture of problem solving” TAO’s Matt Sayre says. “We have this growing tech sector, and to the extent that you can cultivate social entrepreneurship as part of that, technology becomes a way to affect the greater good.” 

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Are You Destined for Digital Extinction?

By Brian Murphy, VP/GM Nulia International 

New innovations in digital technologies promise increased productivity, efficiency, and business growth—but only if users have both the confidence and digital skills to use them. 

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Nulia and Link Source IT partner to provide Nulia’s Digital Enablement Solutions to Office 365 customers

The partnership provides users with personalized Digital Enablement for the modern workplace that grows with organizational needs.

By combining Microsoft Office 365 with Nulia’s Digital Enablement solutions, LinkSource IT furthers its mission to provide personalized digital support that grows and adapts with your organization, guiding users to effectively use the leading communications, collaboration and productivity tools available today. 

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Nulia partners with UpTime Sciences to provide Digital Enablement solutions for Office 365

The partnership helps end users unlock the value of Office 365, realizing their full potential in the new digital world.

With this partnership, Nulia and UpTime Sciences will immediately launch a bundle of Microsoft Office 365 and Nulia’s QuickStart Enablement Sessions focusing on mid and large enterprise customers across the US. Nulia’s Digital Enablement Guides will provide QuickStart Enablement Sessions to end users, helping them learn the features and functions of Microsoft Office 365 so they can develop and demonstrate new skills to thrive in the modern workplace.

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Nulia nominated for “Job Creation” award

RG Media Company’s Innovation and Talent Celebration recognizes Eugene talent

Nulia is honored to have been nominated for the “Job Creation” award at RG Media Company’s Innovation and Talent Celebration last night! Congratulations to all the incredible organizations who are truly making our community thrive.

“Lane County is better for having so many innovators.”

Nulia is proud to announce partnership with intY!

Unlock the value of your digital technologies, realize your organization’s potential.

Nulia is proud to announce intY as our newest partner to offer Nulia’s Office 365 Digital Enablement solutions to customers across the UK and US! Nulia is intY’s sole partner providing Digital Enablement solutions to help their customers deeply adopt and use Office 365. Our Quick Start Enablement Sessions for Office 365 are featured inside the Cascade Insights Platform and offered to intY customers in the UK and US. 

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Nulia‘s first anniversary

Nulia celebrates its first year of unlocking the value of Office 365

We are proud to celebrate Nulia’s FIRST anniversary today! It’s been a year of rapid change, growth, and exciting progress as we pursue our mission to unlock the value of digital technology and help organizations realize their potential. We can’t wait to see what our second year will bring. 

Read VP of Technology Association of Oregon Matt Sayre’s article “Collaborative efforts paying off for Eugene’s tech industry”

US organizations wasted $30 billion on unused software

Because training is simply not enough. 

“U.S. organizations wasted $30 billion on unused software over the course of the four-year study, and the problem is not fixing itself.” 

 It’s clear that investing in digital technologies is simply not enough. At Nulia we have a better way: our Digital Enablement Solution Portfolio unifies the ecosystem of developers and buyers by identifying personalized digital transformation outcomes that serve the unique needs of your organization and provide customized pathways to unlocking the value of digital technologies. 

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2018 Eugene Tech Tour

Learn about job opportunities and our Digital Enablement solutions.

We are thrilled to be participating in the 2018 Eugene Tech Tour next Thursday! Working at Nulia means gaining valuable professional experience working for a Microsoft partner, collaborating with a great team, and helping us close the digital adoption gap. Stop by Nulia’s table on 1 E. Broadway to learn about life at a fast-growing start up and our work sparking the Digital Enablement movement.

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Nulia attends Microsoft Inspire

Nulia showcases outcome-based solutions built for the modern workplace.

We had an incredible week at Microsoft Inspire sharing our vision for a digitally enabled world and learning from others on this journey with us. The future of the modern workplace is bright: Digital Transformation has the potential to change the way we live and work, but it is only possible with Digital Enablement. 

The power of digital technologies belongs to the people who use them. Join us in sparking the Digital Enablement movement!

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Nulia is in Dublin!

Nulia International opens second office in Dublin, Ireland

Nulia International has been officially incorporated in Ireland, making us a global company. We are thrilled to announce that Brian Murphy has joined Nulia as our VP/GM of European operations. 

We always envisioned sparking the digital enablement movement on a global stage, and this is the first big step to reaching that goal. Over time, Brian will establish a Nulia Digital Enablement Innovation Center in Dublin working in partnership with the local Dublin Universities. 

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The dirty little industry secret

SaaS subscriptions are at risk of being canceled due to underuse

Have you heard the dirty little industry secret? Up to 50% of digital technology is currently being wasted due to underuse. This has real consequences for sellers and developers; according to the new study from Paradoxes, 50% of SaaS subscriptions are at risk of being cancelled in the next 12 months. Nulia addresses this usage gap by guiding users to deeply use their SaaS solutions, unlocking the value of their digital investments.

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